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Climate change as an interdisciplinary challenge

Press Release No. 324/2011
19 October 2011
New lecture series “Heidelberg Bridge” kicks off with a panel discussion

The “Heidelberg Bridge” colloquium, which is taking place this winter semester at Heidelberg University, deals with different aspects of “climate” issues. The Heidelberg Centre for the Environment (HCE) invites all those interested to take part. On Monday, 24 October 2011, in the first event of the lecture series, experts from the different academic fields will take part in a panel discussion on the topic of “Studying Climate - How a current topic is dealt with in the natural sciences, social sciences and cultural studies.” Prof. Dr. Lucas Menzel (Geography), Prof. Timo Goeschl, PhD (Environmental Economics) and Prof. Dr. Thomas Meier (Pre- and Protohistory) will discuss the necessity and potential of interdisciplinary approaches in environmental research for tackling the common problem of “climate change”. The panel will be moderated by Prof. Dr. Werner Aeschbach-Hertig (Environmental Physics). The panel discussion will take place in lecture hall 12a of the Neue Universität building at 4:00 p.m.

“In this lecture series, we focus our attention on the topic of climate, and by incorporating different research questions we would like to make it clear that the complexity of climate change and its significant relevance in society can only be adequately discussed using interdisciplinary approaches,” emphasises Dr. Nicole Vollweiler, Managing Director of the HCE. Heidelberg University established the new centre in the area of environmental research this past summer. In the coming weeks, the colloquium organised by the HCE will feature lectures every Monday open to students, colleagues and the interested public. Other topics will include “Climate Engineering” (14 November) and the new European guidelines for emissions trading (28 November). Environmental scientists at Heidelberg University will also present their institutes and current research projects.

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