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Heidelberg University Deepens Cooperative Relations with Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Press Release No. 82/2011
24 March 2011
Memorandum of understanding signed: New exchange programme at administrative level

In the framework of the long-term cooperative relations between the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) and Heidelberg University at the scientific level, the two universities now intend to deepen cooperation at the administrative level. To this end, a memorandum of understanding will be signed on 26 March 2011. It provides for the creation of a new exchange programme angled at administrative executives and staff. For the signing of this declaration of intent, Chancellor Dr. Marina Frost will be welcoming a delegation from the Israeli university headed by Billy Shapira, vice-president of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Dr. Frost indicates that the new exchange programme is designed to cover all aspects of university administration, from personnel administration, personnel management, financial administration, controlling and fundraising to technology transfer, work safety, and construction planning. “Successful internationalisation of universities should also extend to skills and competencies at the administrative level,” says Chancellor Frost. “We can profit from the experience of our partners elsewhere and contribute our own knowledge to the exchange between the administrative bodies. Close contact on this point with our colleagues from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is something to which we attach major significance.”

Cooperation at the administrative level between the two universities can look back on a long tradition. The Israeli-German Administrators’ Conferences have taken place regularly over the last 25 years, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem first took part in them in 1998. It was this that prompted the two universities to envisage even closer contact.

Note for news desks
Invitation to press and photographers
The signing of the memorandum takes place at 3 pm on Monday, 28 March 2011 in the Old University, Grabengasse 1 (bel étage). You are cordially invited to attend.


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