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Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics all in the “Excellence Group”

Press Release No. 246/2010
27 October 2010
CHE publishes ranking of research-intensive subjects with high internationality

In the disciplines of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics, Heidelberg University figures in the “Excellence Group” of highly research-intensive subjects in Europe with a strong international orientation. Along with LMU Munich, Heidelberg is the only German university to have made it into the group in all four subjects currently under evaluation. This is the result of an investigation published today (Wednesday, 27 October 2010) by the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE). The CHE Excellence Ranking is designed as a guide for graduates seeking to improve their qualifications by attending master’s or doctoral programmes. It is based on the achievements of 130 European universities in terms of various research and internationality indicators.

Selection for the ranking was based on eight criteria. Research strength was evaluated on the basis of a particularly large number of publications and above-average citation frequency. Also significant were high student and staff mobility, research projects receiving funding from the European Marie Curie Programme, scientists of outstanding distinction, research fellows from the renowned European Research Council (ERC) and offering of an Erasmus Mundus master’s course. Alongside these quantitative indications, the Excellence Ranking contains a great deal of further information on master’s and doctoral programmes. For more information, go to .

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