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Dr. Lars Kaderali Receives MTZ-BioQuant Award
for Systems Biology

28 10 2009
Support for young scientists at Heidelberg University
Dr. Lars Kaderali

As part of its efforts to support young scientists working in systems biology, the MTZ Foundation has created the annual MTZ-BioQuant Award for Systems Biology. The 2,500-euro prize is as an emblem of recognition for achievements in the development of innovative computer-assisted models promoting systems biology approaches to research, and is awarded to highly qualified young scientists involved in Heidelberg University’s BioQuant research network. This year’s winner is Dr. Jens Kaderali, who will receive the award on Friday, 30 October 2009, at the BioQuant Centre.

Lars Kaderali specialises in the mathematical modelling and computer-assisted analysis and simulation of cellular processe, and receives the MTZ-BioQuant Award for his work on virus-host cell interactions. Dr. Kaderali (b. 1974) studied economics and computer science at Cologne University. Returning to Cologne after a research sojourn at the Los Alamos National Laboratories in the USA, he received his doctorate in computer science in 2006. Subsequently, Dr. Kaderali came to the German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg, where he has headed a young ViroQuant research group on computer-assisted systems biology at the BioQuant Centre since 2007.

The purpose of the MTZ Foundation is to provide encouragement for outstanding young scientists. The foundation supports interdisciplinary, forward-looking, medically oriented cell and genome research. The combination of traditional research approaches with systems biology, a discipline still in the early stages of its development, is especially important in this regard. The foundation also encourages links with bioethics, the aim being to enhance acceptance of cell and genome research in Germany. The MTZ Awards are an intergral part of this overall strategy.

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