Examinations at Institute of Political Science Heidelberg

Registration for all examinations and term papers in seminars and lectures at the Institute of Political Science is to be completed online via LSF or in written form.


Who needs to register online? 

In addition to students at the Institute of Political Science (except for education students in the old degree program (WPO 2001) and Magister students), all students with the following majors must register online in order to receive credit:

  • Economics
  • Sociology

An illustrated guide to online registration and withdrawal can be found here (in German).


FAQ – Registration for examinations (in German)


My major or degree program isn’t listed above. How can I register for exams?

Please use the registration form, which can be found here, on Moodle, or at the Institute.

How and where can I submit my registration form?

You drop off the form at the mailbox on the 3rd floor in front of room 03.003, send it via email (pruefung@ipw.uni-heidelberg.de), or send it through the postal mail.

What do I need to register for?

You must register on time for everything for you to receive credits points (examinations, presentations, and term papers) via LSF or email.

Can I choose when I will take an exam?

Yes! You have the possibility to choose which of the two dates you will take your exam (with the exception of the IT-Test in the statistic seminar). Please note that students who do not pass an exam on the first date will not be automatically registered for the second date.


Important information about choosing an exam date:

Most compulsory courses are taught every other semester. Should you choose to take an exam on the second date and do not pass it, you will have to wait two semesters to take the exam again. Students are not entitled to re-take exams in the following semester.

Some elective and compulsory elective courses may only be taught once. Please consider these aspects when planning your studies and the corresponding examination dates (for more information see the respective program FAQs).

Can I split module exams in the compulsory modules?

No. Module examinations in compulsory modules – comprising a seminar and lecture component – must be completed in the same examination period and cannot be split between the first and second exam dates.

What happens if I miss a registration deadline but still take the exam/write the paper?

Due to the examination regulations and in order to ensure transparent, fair, and equal conditions for all students, credit will only be given for examinations, presentations, term papers, etc. which have been registered.

Can I register directly with the instructor of a course?

No. Exams, presentations, term papers, etc. can only be registered for via LSF or by sending the intended form to the examinations office.

Is registration binding?

Yes! Should you not show up for an examination for which you have registered or fail to turn in a paper by the designated due date, you will not receive credit and automatically fail this exam/paper (grade of 5).

In cases of illness or injury: Instructors should be notified as soon as possible by submitting a doctor’s note. The examination regulations state that the instructor (and not the doctor) decides whether the note suffices to excuse a student from an exam. 

Whom do I contact about questions or problems with registration?

Emails should be sent to the Institute’s examinations office: pruefung@ipw.uni-heidelberg.de

We will be happy to answer your questions about registration/withdrawal as well as related inquiries.

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