Publikationen von Prof. Dr. Jale Tosun

Artikel in Fachzeitschriften (mit double-blind Review-Verfahren)
Artikel in Fachzeitschriften (ohne Double-blind Review)



  • Knill, Christoph und Jale Tosun (2015). Einführung in die Policy-Analyse. Opladen: Barbara Budrich/UTB.
  • ​Tosun, Jale (2013). Environmental Policy Change in Emerging Market Democracies – Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America Compared. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.
  • Tosun, Jale (2013). Risk Regulation in Europe: Assessing the Application of the Precautionary Principle. New York: Springer.
  • Knill, Christoph und Jale Tosun (2012). Public Policy – A New Introduction. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Knill, Christoph und Jale Tosun (2010). Politikgestaltung in der Europäischen Union – Die Entstehung und Umsetzung der Dienstleistungsrichtlinie. Baden-Baden: Nomos.
  • Tosun, Jale (2008). Environmental Policy in Chile and Mexico – Explaining the Effect of Economic Integration on Regulatory Standards. Saarbrücken: VDM.


  • ​Maor, Moshe, Jale Tosun und Andrew Jordan (Hrsg.) (2017). Proportionate and disproportionate policy responses to climate change: core concepts and empirical applications. Special Section: Governing climate change. The (dis-)proportionality of policy responses. Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning, 19 (6), 599-611.
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  • Tosun, Jale, Sebastian Koos und Jennifer Shore (Hrsg.) (2016). Cooperative or Competitive? How Public and Private Actors Co-govern Common Goods. Policy & Society 35 (1), 1-114.
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Artikel in Fachzeitschriften mit double-blind Review-Verfahren

  • Tobin, Paul, Nicole Schmidt, Jale Tosun und Charlotte Burns (2017). Mapping states' Paris climate pledges: Analyzing targets and groups at COP 21. Global Environmental Change, DOI: 10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2017.11.002.
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  • Tosun, Jale (2017). Party support for post-exceptionalism in agri-food politics and policy: Germany and the United Kingdom compared. Journal of European Public Policy, DOI: 10.1080/13501763.2017.1334083.
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  • Tosun, Jale (2017). Promoting youth employment through multi-organizational governance. Public Money & Management 37(1), 39-46.
  • Tosun, Jale und Julia Leininger (2017). Governing the Interlinkages between the Sustainable Development Goals: Approaches to Attain Policy Integration. Global Challenges 1(9), 1-12.
  • ​Shore, Jennifer und Jale Tosun (2017). Assesing youth labour market services: Young people's perceptions and evaluations of service delivery in Germany. Public Policy and Administration, DOI: 10.1177/0952076717722192.
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  • Tosun, Jale und Simon Schaub (2017). Mobilization in the European public sphere: The struggle over GMOs. Review of Policy Research, DOI: 10.1111/ropr.12235.
  • Mühlböck, Monika und Jale Tosun (2017). Responsiveness to different national interests: Voting behavior on genetically modified organisms in the Council of the European Union.Journal of Common Market Studies, DOI: 10.1111/jcms.12609.
  • Rapp, Carolin, Jennifer Shore und Jale Tosun (2017). Not so risky business? How social policies shape the perceived feasibility of self-employment. Journal of European Social Policy, DOI: 10.1177/0958928717711973.
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  • Knill, Christoph, Kai Schulze und Jale Tosun (2010). Politikwandel und seine Messung in der vergleichenden Staatstätigkeitsforschung: Konzeptionelle Probleme und mögliche Alternativen. Politische Vierteljahresschrift 51(3), 409-432.
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Artikel in Zeitschriften ohne double-blind Review-Verfahren und veröffentlichte Arbeitspapiere

  • Harnisch, Sebastian und Jale Tosun (2016). Die Klimavereinbarung von Paris: eine erste politikwissenschaftliche Analyse. Zeitschrift für Umweltpolitik & Umweltrecht 2 (Sonderheft), 72-87
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