AgroBioDiv is an interdisciplinary, participatory project, blending expertise in the fields of biology and political science to foster biodiversity within larger landscapes. The project aims to develop integrated strategies and political instruments for increasing biodiversity in Baden-Württemberg through organic agriculture for long-term sustainability. The biodiversity of agricultural fields will be measured and observed with farmers and conservationists in various case study regions. Applying discourse analysis, the problem definition of biodiversity loss will be examined within local political processes through observation of meetings and interviews with decision-makers. The coalitions supporting biodiversity conservation and the strategies they implement to assert its importance in discussion, will provide insight into how biodiversity loss is represented and supported at the political level. Social network analysis will be used to describe and capture key characteristics of these coalitions. With this knowledge, policy packages will be designed to support transition toward organic agriculture in Baden-Württemberg and be presented to stakeholders for reflection and further refinement. In the final project stages, these research results will guide the development of the Biodiversity Strategy of Heidelberg.


Project Team:

Prof. Dr. Jale Tosun

Prof. Dr. Marcus Koch

Laura Kellermann

Frederik Bachmann

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