International Profile

StudentsHeidelberg University is tied into a worldwide network of research and teaching collaborations. Exchange programmes have been established with around 450 universities worldwide. Heidelberg’s marked global interconnectedness is also evidenced by its 25 university partnerships and two international Research Training Groups as well as its member- ship in European networks such as the league of European Research Universities (lERU), the Coimbra Group and the European University Alliance 4EU.

A myriad of research and teaching collaborations are also established at the faculty, institute and chair levels. Additionally, Heidelberg has a satellite campus in latin America as well as liaison offices in North America and Asia. The university also offers courses in Eastern Europe.

Heidelberg’s international prominence is reflected in its student population: nearly 20 percent of Heidelberg’s students and a third of the enrolled doctoral candidates come from abroad. According to a survey by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Heidelberg is the favoured German university for international doctoral candidates.


Collaborations and Exchanges
ERASMUS arrangements with European universities 631
Exchange programmes with universities worldwide (non-EU) around 180
Partnerships with universities abroad 25
Hundreds of international cooperation agreements on all levels  


Facts and Figures
Total numbers of international students
(as of Winter Semester 17/18)
5,563 (18.7 %)
international PhD graduations (2017) 284 (27.5 %)
international habilitations (2017) 3 (3.9 %)
Foreign Visiting Scholars about 250 every year


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