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Recognition of Completed Credits

A central aim of the ERASMUS programme is to ensure that credits completed abroad are recognised at students’ home institutions. Questions concerning the recognition of credits should always be discussed with the student’s home university before he or she commences a period of study as part of the ERASMUS programme. The selection of, and participation in courses offered at the host university is to be discussed in detail with the programme organisers, departmental advisors or the responsible examination office and must be set out in a Learning Agreement.

The courses which you wish to take at the host university are to be entered in the Learning Agreement using information available online or in the course catalogues of the host university. The Learning Agreement shall be signed by the home university and the host university before the student’s period of study abroad begins.

The European Commission introduced the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), which is already used for existing Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes, with the aim of ensuring that credits are of equal value throughout Europe. The system thus facilitates bilateral recognition. Successfully completed lectures, practice classes, pro- and main seminars, as well as periods of work experience, are accorded a value in credit points. These credits can then be transferred to the student’s home university.

At the end of the student’s period of study a transcript of credits, including the number of credits gained (Transcript of Records) must be provided by the host university. This transcript is the basis for the recognition of the credits which you have achieved and must be given, along with the report, to your ERASMUS coordinators.

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