ERASMUS Incoming Office
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Office hours (room 32):
Mon - Wed: 10 - 12 am
Thursday:     1 - 3 pm


Application, Admission and Enrolment

Step 1: Application

ERASMUS students need to be nominated by their home universities to both the Akademisches Auslandsamt and the respective department coordinators in Heidelberg.

Once our Erasmus office has received the nomination, we send some general information via e-mail and the Application for Admission as an Exchange Student (Antrag auf Zulassung für Programmstudenten) to the selected students. This document needs to be filled out and signed and then sent back to the Akademisches Auslandsamt. Approximately two months before the students’ arrival date, we will send them the Letter of Admission and further important information on enrolment, accommodation, orientation days, etc. by post.


Step 2: Admission

Every student receives a letter of admission (Zulassungsbescheid) entitling them to enrol at the university for the subject they have applied for. It is a computer print-out which lists your personal details and specifies the subject(s) for which you have been accepted.


Step 3: Enrolment

Enrolment of exchange students takes place at the Akademisches Auslandsamt in Room 27 (Monday to Friday 10 am – 12 pm; additional enrolment times are posted outside Room 27). You must enrol at the beginning of your first semester. The exact deadline for enrolment is given on the Zulassungsbescheid. To enrol, you must come to the Akademisches Auslandsamt in person and present the following documents:

  • valid passport with visa and/or residence permit as applicable
  • proof of health insurance (or certificate of exemption)
  • 2 passport-sized photos (5 cm by 5 cm)
  • letter of admission by the University of Heidelberg (Zulassungsbescheid)

Enrolment as an ERASMUS student entitles you to membership of Heidelberg University for the limited period of one or two semesters


Social Fee

Every semester all students must pay a fee of EUR 69,80 to the Studentenwerk. This is not a tuition fee, but solely a contribution to the costs of the social facilities provided by the Studentenwerk (Mensa, House of students, Semesterticket, Internet-Cafés, child-care facilities, insurance against accidents in university buildings, free social and legal advice).

On enrolment you will receive a bank transfer form with your student registration number. Please use this form to pay the fee. The fee can be paid via any bank or post office. Important: Only after the fee has been credited to the university’s account does your enrolment take effect. Please be sure to keep your receipt; you need it to buy your Semesterticket.


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