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Design Manual

Gestaltungshandbuch 185x90Detailed instructions on applying the design guidelines can be found in the Heidelberg University Corporate Design Manual.

Design Manual (PDF) (Ger)

Legal notice

The logo of Heidelberg University may be used only for purposes related to the university. Other use requires permission from the Communications and Marketing Department. The script and seal cannot be changed.

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Logo Elemente

The logo is available in colour and black and white. The colour version is used in all media, where the usage of colour is possible. Both logos are available in regular and open designs. The regular, detailed version was developed for DIN A4 formats and larger. The open, simplified seal is used to prevent blurriness in formats smaller than DIN A4 and for on-screen display (e.g. PowerPoint).


Note: The links to the files shown here are accessible only from the university network.

Format Formats for MS-Office
files and websites
For high-quality print
DIN A4 and larger PNG TIFF
GIF EPS (vector image)
smaller than DIN A4 PNG TIFF
GIF EPS (vector image)
Logo SW
DIN A4 and larger PNG TIFF
GIF EPS (vector image)
smaller than DIN A4 PNG TIFF
GIF EPS (vector image)


For instructions on placement and the size of the logo in the various formats, see page 17 of the Corporate Design Manual.

Note: To use your facility’s logo/lettering in conjunction with the Heidelberg University logo, please contact the Communications and Marketing Department.

Logo Combinations

KombilogoLettering and logos used by University institutes and departments should, if possible, always be accompanied by the University logo. The Corporate Design team would be pleased to help you combine the University logo with your institute logo, your institute name and any other textual component.

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