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Congress and Conference Management (UniKT)

Tagungstasche UnittScientific and academic exchange is important and necessary – but who can handle the time-consuming organisation? Congress and Conference Management (UniKT) is the competent partner for everything, from small gatherings to major international conferences. The team takes you through all the planning and organisation steps to ensure a successful event, one that is custom-designed to your needs.



Consulting and Project Management

Auditorium StadthalleCongress and Conference Management (UniKT) offers support in the conception, cost estimation and organisation of your event. Attendee, financial and abstract management is an important part of the services offered. . [More..]

Catering and Social Programme

Unitt CateringOn request, Congress and Conference Management (UniKT) will organise the catering for events and provide refreshments during breaks. [More...]

Organising the Venue

Unitt Kongressbaender 100x100Often it is the little things that make a big difference in the success of an event. From the conference folder to the event venue, Congress and Conference Management (UniKT) has every detail covered. [More...]

Rental of Marsilius Kolleg

The Marsilius Kolleg is located in the Marsilius Arcade at Neuenheimer Feld 130 across from the DKFZ. UniKT handles the rentals. The lecture hall accommodates 100 persons, and the generous foyer and sup­ple­men­ta­ry rooms offer an excellent environment of flexible options. [More...]


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