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Budget and Procurement

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Financial Accounting and Payment Transactions


About the Division

Tim Krützfeld
„We are committed to using the financial means at our disposal as efficiently as possible and to creating the transparency that allows us to increase our financial latitude and use those means more purposefully.“
Tim Krützfeldt

The Finance Division supports academics, employees and students in administering and using the state funds at their disposal. The division’s overarching mission and goal is efficiency and full transparency on the use of those funds. The division also serves as the contact point for any questions or problems on the use of budget resources, e.g. with regard to budget, public procurement and tax laws. Further, transparency in financial flows is of significant importance to the division because it lays the foundation for external accountability as well as allows drawing the necessary conclusions internally for future financial planning.

One basic and increasingly palpable conflict pits flat or dwindling state resources against the university’s growth, including in the course of the Excellence Initiative. The number of personnel is growing, the number of projects rising, and the university is using more and more space. Add to that the growing cost of energy and infrastructure services. The financial resources available cannot keep pace, thus presenting the staff of the Finance Division with a major challenge.

Although laws and the state budget code set numerous and strict guidelines, the Finance Division is nonetheless committed to tackling any issues and tasks that lie ahead, whenever and wherever possible, in dialogue and cooperation with the members of the university.

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