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Online Doctoral File:
Christine Schilling
Tel. +49 6221 54-12204

Technical Services (Uni-ID):
Andreas Klinkhof
Tel. +49 6221 54-12205


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Tue, Thurs 10-12 am
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Mon 10-12 am
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Staff Unit Doctoral Students' Office

The Doctoral Students' Office is in charge of introducing and managing the Online Doctorate File in the heiDOCS portal.

It gives advice and provides technical support for faculties and doctoral students.

Using data from doctoral student registration, it coordinates the preparation of assessments, statistics and reports for the whole university.


Aufgabe Ansprechpartner
Head of the Doctoral Students' Office, Project Coordinator for Introducing the Online Doctorate File, Reporting on Doctorate Programmes Anke Rösel
Support for the Online Doctorate File Christine Schilling
Support technical Services heiDOCS Andreas Klinkhof


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