Prof. Dr. Stefan Weinfurter

Seniorprofessor for Medieval History,

Vortrag Prof. Weinfurter
University of Heidelberg
Stefan Weinfurter was awarded his PhD in 1973, received his "Habilitation" in 1980, both in Cologne. After professorships in Eichstätt (1982-1987), Mainz (1987-1994) and Munich (1994-1999) he transferred to Heidelberg University in 1999.  From 2004 to 2006 Dr. Weinfurter was dean of the philosophical faculty. From 1999 to 2013 he was director of the Institute for Franconian-Palatinate history and regional studies. In 2013 he became director of the research unit History and Cultural Heritage at Heidelberg University.

Among other areas Dr. Weinfurter works on constellations of order within a European framework, rituals and communication in politics and society, political decision making and its symbolism and presentation as well as images as historical sources. Since 2003 he has been regular member of the Heidelberg Academy of the Sciences.  In addition, he is active in organizing forms of scientific activity.  He played a leading role in devising and carrying out academic conferences and large scale expositions on the Middle Ages such as „Otto the Great“ (2001 in Magdeburg), „Emperor Henry II“ (2002 in Bamberg) or „Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation.  From Otto the Great to the end of the Middle Ages" (2006 in Magdeburg), "The Staufer Dynasty and Italy" (2010 in Mannheim) and "The Dynasty of the Wittelsbacher" (2013 in Mannheim).

Selected Publications: Herrschaft und Reich der Salier. Grundlinien einer Umbruchzeit. Sigmaringen 1991 (2. Auflage 1992); Heinrich II. (1002–1024). Herrscher am Ende der Zeiten, Regensburg 1999, 3. Auflage 2002; Das Jahrhundert der Salier 1024-1125, Sigmaringen 2004, 2. Auflage 2008; Gelebte Ordnung – Gedachte Ordnung. Ausgewählte Beiträge zu König, Kirche und Reich, Ostfildern 2005; Canossa. Die Entzauberung der Welt. München 2006, 3. Auflage 2007; Das Reich im Mittelalter. Kleine deutsche Geschichte von 500 bis 1500, München 2008, 2. Auflage 2011; Eichstätt im Mittelalter. Kloster – Bistum – Fürstentum, Regensburg 2010; Karl der Große. Der heilige Barbar, München 2013, 2. Auflage 2014; Canossa – Il disincanto del mondo, Bologna 2014.

Area of Activity in FIIT:

IX. Monastries in the High Middle Ages

Projects in FIIT:
Laboratories of European Projects of Life and Models of Order
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