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Global Network / Karl-Schlecht-Stipend


Globalnet KleinThe FIIT and the University of Zurich have initiated the formation of the Global Network of Research Centers for Theology, Religious and Christian Studies, in which more than 40 research universities and institutions from all over the world participate. The Global Network aims at intensifying the exchange of doctoral students and post-docs enabling them to pursue their research at participating schools for one or two terms


For further information on the Global Network and an overview of participating universities and research centres please visit its website:

http://www.globalnetresearch.org/ Externer Inhalt



The Karl Schlecht Foundation, Germany, is sponsoring stipends supporting the international exchange within the Global Network of Research Centers. In the past, four annual stipends of 6,000 Euros each have been made available for an academic exchange within the Global Network of Research Centers for Theology, Religious and Christian Studies. Doctoral students and postdocs from institutions and schools in the Global Network are invited to apply for a stipend in order to visit another institution for one academic term, with the agreement of colleagues from both sides.




The Winners of the Karl Schlecht Stipends 2017:


Dylan Belton (University of Notre Dame): University of Heidelberg
Alexander Garton (University of Cambridge): University of Tübingen
Giovanni Maltese (University of Heidelberg): Center for the Study of Law and Religion, Emory University, Atlanta
Eun Young Hwang (University of Chicago): University of Heidelberg



For further information, please visit http://www.globalnetresearch.org/ and turn to a local member of the Global Network at your university.


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