Prof. Jörg Oechssler, Ph.D.

Prof. Jörg Oechssler, Ph.D.Me1 Small
Wirtschaftstheorie II
Alfred-Weber-Institut für Wirtschaftswissenschaften
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69115 Heidelberg

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Selected publications:


"Hedging, Ambiguity, and the Reversal of Order Axiom", forthcoming, Games and Economic Behavior (with Hannes Rau and Alex Roomets).


"Managerial bonuses and subordinate mistreatment",  forthcoming, European Economic Review (with Nikos Nikiforakis and Anwar Shah).


"The Binary Conditional Contribution Mechanism for Public Good Provision in Dynamic Settings - Theory and Experimental Evidence", Journal of Public Economics, 159 (2018), 104-115 (with Andreas Reischmann).


"Unbeatable Imitation", Games and Economic Behavior 76 (2012), 88-96 (with Peter Duersch and Burkhard Schipper).

"Imitation and the Evolution of Walrasian Behavior: Theoretically Fragile but Behaviorally Robust", Journal of Economic Theory 145 (2010), 1603-1617 (lead article), (with Jose Apesteguia, Steffen Huck, and Simon Weidenholzer).

"Imitation - Theory and Experimental Evidence", Journal of Economic Theory 136 (2007), 217-235  (with Jose Apesteguia and Steffen Huck).

“Herding and Contrarian Behavior in Financial Markets - An Internet Experiment“ American Economic Review 95(5) December (2005) (with Mathias Drehmann and Andreas Roider).

“Learning to Like What You Have - Explaining the Endowment Effect”, Economic Journal, 115 (2005), 689-702 (with Steffen Huck and Georg Kirchsteiger). See how the press reports on this (Times, SZ, RNZ)

“Through Trial & Error to Collusion”, International Economic Review  45 (2004) 205-224 (with Steffen Huck and Hans Theo Neumann).

“On the Dynamic Foundation of Evolutionary Stability in Continuous Models”, Journal of Economic Theory, 107 (2002), 223-252 (with Frank Riedel).

“The Indirect Evolutionary Approach to Explaining Fair Allocations”, Games and Economic Behavior 28 (1999), 13-24 (with Steffen Huck). 

“Learning in Cournot Oligopoly - An Experiment”, Economic Journal, 109 (1999) C80-C95 (with Steffen Huck and Hans-Theo Norman).

“An Evolutionary Interpretation of Mixed Strategy Equilibria”, Games and Economic Behavior, 21 (1997), 203-237.


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