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Prof. em. Dr. Jürgen Eichberger
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Jürgen Eichberger 

Born 1952


1982 Doctor rer.pol.,University of Mannheim, Germany
1977 Diplom-Volkswirt, University of Mannheim, Germany
1971 Abitur (highschool diploma), Lessing-Gymnasium, Mannheim, Germany


2000 Professor of Economics, University of Heidelberg, Germany
1995 Professor of Economics, University of Saarland, Saarbrücken, Germany
1990 Senior Lecturer, University of Melbourne, Australia
1985 Lecturer, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
1984 Assistant Professor, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada
1983 Assistant Professor (C1),University of Mannheim, Germany
1978 Assistant, University of Mannheim, Germany




His PhD and early work were in the area of the temporary equilibria with financial institutions. More recently, his research interests have been focused on the theory of decision-making under uncertainly and its applications to game theory and financial economics. His papers appeared in major economic journals, and he has published several books. He is coordinating editor of Theory and Decision and editor of the series Neue ökonomische Grundrisse for Mohr Siebeck.



 “Are the Treasures of Game Theory Ambiguous?” (with David Kelsey), Economic Theory 48, 313-339, 2011.

“The α-MEU Model: A Comment” (with Simon Grant, David Kelsey, and Gleb Koshevoy), Journal of Economic Theory 48, 1684-1698, 2011.

“Case-Based Belief Formation under Ambiguity” (with Ani Guerdjikova), Mathematical Social Sciences 60, 161-177, 2010.

“Ambiguity and Social Interaction“ (with David Kelsey and Burkhard Schipper), Oxford Economic Papers 61, 355-379, 2009.

“Choice under Uncertainty with the Best and Worst in Mind: Neo-Additive Capacities” (with Alain Chateauneuf and Simon Grant), Journal of Economic Theory 137, 2007, 538-567.

“Updating Choquet Beliefs”, (with Simon Grant and David Kelsey), Journal of Mathematical Economics 43, 2007, 888-899.

“CEU Preferences and Dynamic Consistency” (with Simon Grant and David Kelsey), Mathematical Social Sciences 49, 2005, 143-151.

“Strategic Complements, Substitutes and Ambiguity: The Implications for Public Goods.“ (with David Kelsey), Journal of Economic Theory 106, 2002, 436-466.

“Non-Additive Beliefs and Strategic Equilibria“ (with David Kelsey), Games and Economic Behavior 30, 2000, 183-215.

“E-Capacities and the Ellsberg Paradox“ (with David Kelsey), Theory and Decision 46, 1999, 107-138.

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