Taiwan Lecture Series - Sommersemester 2009

Teil 1: Shih Chih-yu (NTU)
Teil 2: Filmemacher
Teil 3: 12 Lectures (NTU)

Part 1: "3 Lectures by Professor Shih Chih-yu (National Taiwan University): “One China” in Postcolonial Perspective"

1. Conceptualizing Taiwan in the Rise of China: Four Alternatives
Datum: 13.05.2009
Zeit: 11:00 - 13:00 Uhr
Ort: Institut für Sinologie, R 201

2. How Can Taiwan be China-centric? A Note on the Identity Politics of Social Science
Datum: 13.05.2009
Zeit: 16:00 - 18:00 Uhr
Ort: Institut für Sinologie, R 201

3. Bridging Civilizations through Nothingness
Datum: 14.05.2009
Zeit: 18:00 - 20:00 Uhr
Ort: Institut für Sinologie, R 201

Reading materials:

Bridging Civilizations through Nothingness
China Studies That Defend Chineseness
Taiwan as East Asia in Formation
The Self That Has No Other
West but not Western End
Feeling the Rise of China

Cross-Strait relations between Taiwan and mainland China are of great importance to the development of China and peace in East Asia. This lecture series will offer a postcolonial reading of the “One China policy” and its repercussions within both Taiwanese and mainland Chinese communities and mentalities.


More information and some early results can be accessed at: http://politics.soc.ntu.edu.tw/RAEC/ .

Part 2: Ein Tag mit Filmemachern aus Taiwan

2 Filme und Diskussion mit der Filmemacherin Ho Chao-ti
Datum: 18.05.2009
Zeit: 9:30 - 12:30 Uhr


炸神明 The Gangster’s God (Summary)
薩爾瓦多日記 El Salvador Journal (Summary)


Part 3: Teaching the Taiwanese language: A Cooperation of Heidelberg, Taipei and London; Cooperation Project: Taiwan Literature and Culture

Material to prepare:

I) Taiwanese language:

II) Taiwanese Literature and culture:

  1. 葉國良教授"臺灣禮俗與文化"演講參考資料
  2. 洪淑苓教授"情人節與成年禮"演講參考資料
  3. 張文薰教授"日治時期的新文學"演講參考資料
  4. 黃美娥教授"日治時代台灣女性的故事"演講參考資料
  5. 黃美娥教授"日治時代臺灣通俗文學"演講參考資料
  6. 柯慶明教授"台灣的新興現代主義"演講參考資料
    Modernism and its discontents
  7. 郭玉雯教授"現代文學小說選集的現代主義特色"演講參考資料
  8. 梅家玲教授"臺灣小說與臺灣新電影"演講參考資料

English abstracts:

  1. 洪淑苓教授"台語工作坊專題演講"中英文摘要
    Introduction to the Taiwanese poetry in Taiwan modern poetry
  2. 葉國良教授"台灣禮俗與文化"英文講稿
    The Diversity of Taiwanese Culture and Customs
  3. 洪淑苓教授"情人節與成年禮"演講英文綱要
    Valentine’s Day and Adulthood Ceremony - Tradition and Current Custom of the Seventh Eve Chi-Hsi in Taiwan Abstract
  4. 張文薰教授"日治時期的新文學"英文綱要
    New Literature under Japanese Rule
  5. 張文薰教授"日治時期電影"英文綱要
    Films under Japanese Rule
  6. 黃美娥教授"日治時代臺灣女性的故事"英文綱要
    Women’s stories under Japanese Rule– The Interlocking of Reality and Fabrication
  7. 黃美娥教授"日治時代臺灣通俗文學"英文綱要
    Popular Literature under Japanese Rule
  8. 郭玉雯教授"現代文學小說選集的現代主義特色"英文綱要
    Modernist Features in A Selection of Modern Literary Fiction Abstract
  9. 梅家玲教授"臺灣小說與臺灣新電影
    Taiwan Literature and New Taiwan Cinema

Program to download:

Schedule in English
Schedule in Chinese



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