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The MM II/III Mesara Stamps...


New finds/Seals not in the CMS

Several seals from Zominthos, Crete...


New Publications

J. Crowley. 2024. IKON. Art and Meaning in Aegean Seal Images ...


Other News

Problems with the access to the CMS Databases in Arachne...



Seal impressions

Ii8 067

Impression of four-sided prism, hard stone, MM II (CMS II,8 no. 67)

Ii8 115

Impression of seal, metal (?),
MM III/LM I (CMS II,8 no. 115)

Ii5 104

Impression of seal, MM II
(CMS II,5 no. 104)

Ii8 040

Impression of seal, hard stone (?),
MM II/III (CMS II,8 no. 40)

Ii7 132

Impression of seal, soft stone, LM I
(CMS II,7 no. 132)

Ii8 222

Impression of signet ring, metal, LM II/IIIA1 (CMS II,8 no. 222)

I 304

Impression of signet ring, metal, LB II/IIIA1 (CMS I no. 304)

Ii8 69.334.716.jpg

Impressions of two seal faces of a four-sided prism (MM II)
and a lentoid (LM I), all hard stone
(CMS II,8 nos. 69, 70, 334)



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