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New finds/Seals not in the CMS

The Seals from the Minoan Site of Chryssi Island...


New Publications

Hudler, Angelika. 2019. (E)scaping arguments: Gemmae dubitandae and their position in exploring Aegean Bronze Age Archaeology...


Other News

Workshop: Seals, Stamps, and Administration. Digitizing Bureaucracy – Preserving Heritage



Seal impressions

Ii8 067

Impression of four-sided prism, hard stone, MM II (CMS II,8 no. 67)

Ii8 115

Impression of seal, metal (?),
MM III/LM I (CMS II,8 no. 115)

Ii5 104

Impression of seal, MM II
(CMS II,5 no. 104)

Ii8 040

Impression of seal, hard stone (?),
MM II/III (CMS II,8 no. 40)

Ii7 132

Impression of seal, soft stone, LM I
(CMS II,7 no. 132)

Ii8 222

Impression of signet ring, metal, LM II/IIIA1 (CMS II,8 no. 222)

I 304

Impression of signet ring, metal, LB II/IIIA1 (CMS I no. 304)

Ii8 69.334.716.jpg

Impressions of two seal faces of a four-sided prism (MM II)
and a lentoid (LM I), all hard stone
(CMS II,8 nos. 69, 70, 334)



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