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The Malia Steatite Group...


New finds/Seals not in the CMS

Several seals from Zominthos, Crete...


New Publications

Kanta, A. Palaima, T. G. Perna, M. 2022. A Hieroglyphic seal from the cult centre of the city of Knossos...


Other News

Problems with the access to the CMS Databases in Arachne...



Hard stone

V 690 Klein

Lentoid, red jasper, LB I
(CMS V no. 690)

Ii2 075 Klein

Amygdaloid, yellow and red jasper, MM II/III (CMS II,2 no. 75)

Iii 122 Klein

Petschaft, chalcedony, MM II
(CMS II,1 no. 122)

V 201 Klein

Lentoid, lapis lacedaemonius, LH II/IIIA1(?) (CMS V no. 201)

Vi 178 Klein

Cushion, agate, MM III/LM I
(CMS VI no. 178)

Vi 93c Klein

Three-sided prism, cornelian, MM II
(CMS VI no. 93 c)

Vi 273 Klein

Heart-shaped seal, amethyst, LB I/II (CMS VI no. 273)

Vi 153b Klein

Discoid, rock crystal, MM II/III
(CMS VI no. 153 a)


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