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New finds/Seals not in the CMS

Unparalleled find in Pylos!


New Publications

Krzyszkowska, Olga. 2019. Changing perceptions of the past: The role of antique seals in Minoan Crete...


Other News

Presentation on 'gorgoneia' and 'gorgos' as they appear on Aegean seals and Classical gorgoneia and gorgos



The CMS rooms

The archive is kept temporarily in a room with artificial light at the Institute of Classical Archaeology. Two doors which connect the room to spaces with large windows allow adequate ventilation of the room on a daily basis whereas a transparent glass on one door allows daylight to enter the room. This space was preferred to one with direct daylight as it maintains cool temperatures in the summer necessary for the preservation of the plasticine impressions. The space is connected to the library of the Institute of Classical Archaeology where study seats are reserved for researchers working with the archive. Within the next two years, the archive will be moved to permanent air-conditioned rooms with direct daylight.

The rooms of the CMS in Heidelberg

Cms Vitrine Heidelberg

Display case at the Institute of Classical Archaeology

Since November 2012 a display case at the Institute of Classical Archaeology has been devoted to the CMS. Impressions from the archive as well as a comprehensive collection of the stones used in Aegean glyptic and modern reproductions of tools used in the craft are on display. The impression of the seal of the month is also on display in the show case in Heidelberg along with the relevant texts.

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