Palestinian-German dictionary

With support from the Fritz-Thyssen-Foundation I am currently working on a Palestinian-German dictionary. The work is based on my Glossary for the texts from the villages around Ramallah. In two sabbatical years on the West Bank over 13.000 words with usage samples have been collected, grouped into more than 4.000 Semitic roots. In the third phase of the project missing words from the dialectological literature are incorporated, with an exact reference. After incorporation of the dictionaries and glossaries of Leonhard Bauer, Gustaf Dalman, Hans Schmidt/Paul Kahle, Georg Kampffmeyer, Issam Halayqa, Max Löhr, Moshe Piamenta, Yohanan Elihay, Aharon Geva-Kleinberger and Spoer/Haddad the work contains over 6,900 roots with more than 25,000 entries. About 9,100 usage samples or compound expressions are added.

The dictionary contains both old vocabulary on the brink of extinction as well as the modern youth language. Entries could not yet be conclusively verified, or their etymology should be desirably added are color-coded.

At unregular intervals I propose to offer here my work in progress in PDF-format. I am grateful for references regarding errors and additions. Please send them to the author, who also would be pleased for any other feedback.

[Palestinian-German dictionary, PDF, Work in Progress, March 2019]

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