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Research projects


At present, no positions are available for master-, diploma- or Ph.D.-students in the group. Applications for postdoctoral positions in CaRLa (Catalysis Research Laboratory), the joint research institution for homogenous catalysis of the University of Heidelberg and of BASF, see CaRLa homepage .


  • Organic synthesis: new tailor-made ligands for catalytic hydroformylation, hydrocyanation and similar reactions for C-C-bond formation (*)

  • Synthesis and chemistry of novel carbene complexes

  • Synthesis, mechanistic studies, structural design and optimization of late transition metal olefin polymerization catalysts (*)

  • Regioselective catalytic arene substitution (*)

  • Activation and functionalization of strong C-H-, C-C- and C-X-bonds, hydroamination

  • Synthesis and application of P-functionalised NHC-Ligands (NHCP-Ligands)

  • Novel homogeneous catalysts for olefin metathesis

  • Quantum chemistry of reaction mechanisms in organic and organometallic chemistry and homogeneous catalysis
    (*) = basic research in cooperation with industrial partners

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