Research AK Bunz: Conjugated Polymers

Poly(para-phenyleneethynylene)s (PPEs) are a versatile class of conjugated polymers. While alkyne metathesis gives dialkyl-substituted polymers in high molecular weight and purity, palladium-catalyzed Sonogashira-Hagihara cross-coupling is more successful for alkoxy-substituted and/or highly functionalized and heterocyclic PPEs. Their modular synthesis in combination with attractive optoelectronic features makes these materials invaluable for sensoric applications. Additionally, these highly rigid conjugated polymers are applicable either as semi-conducting or emissive layers in organic electronics via printing techniques.
Strukturzeichnung Polymerisation PPEs
By substitution with oligoethyleneglycol side-chains, carboxylate or ammonium groups, PPEs are rendered water-soluble. Exposure to analytes like metal ions, carboxylic acids, amines or proteins in buffered aqueous media results in modulation of fluorescence responses allowing for their detection and discrimination. In contrast to their model oligomers, PPEs exhibit higher sensitivity due to the molecular ladder effect.
Strukturzeichnung wasserlösliche PPEs
By combination of several barely selective, differently substituted PPEs (either alone, as gold nanoparticle adducts or in electrostatic complexes) chemical and optoelectronic tongues are created. Although response of a single PPE is hardly specific, the combined response pattern of the sensor element is highly distinctive and allows for discrimination after statistical evaluation/visualization. These tongues are well-suited especially for quality control of beverages, foodstuff or drugs.
Diagramm PPEs als Sensoren zur Weinanalyse
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