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Rebekka Lauer


M.Sc. Rebekka Lauer

Curriculum Vitae

since 2022

PhD student in the research group for Biogeochemistry (Institute of Earth Sciences, Heidelberg University).


Master study in geosciences (Institute of Earth Sciences, Heidelberg University); master thesis: “Iron-catalyzed formation of methyl radicals as a source for volatile organic compounds in the environment”.


Student assistant (research group for Biogeochemistry, Institute for Earth Sciences, Heidelberg University).

2016-2019 Bachelor study in geosciences (Institute of Earth Sciences, Heidelberg University); bachelor thesis: “Formation and degradation of chloromethane in plants from the Botanical Garden of Heidelberg University”.


Research focus

  • Investigating the atmospheric CH3Cl-budget using a Large Volume Air Sampling System (LVASS) to determine stable isotopic compositions (δ2H, δ13C, δ37Cl) of atmospheric CH3Cl at several locations in Southern Germany

  • Assessing the role of microorganisms in CH3Cl-cycling in the marine environment employing stable isotope techniques

  • Tracing emission and degradation processes of CH3Cl by plants and phyllosphere microorganisms under natural conditions (in-vivo) vs. laboratory conditions (incubation experiments) using GC-MS, GC-IRMS and CRDS

  • Exploring the close relationship between the biomass-CO2-cycle and CH4-cycle in plants and the phyllosphere, using stable isotope techniques and microbiological methods




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