Institutional Strategy I

The concept of the comprehensive university is a central component of the university’s institutional strategy, “Heidelberg: Realising the Potential of a Comprehensive University”, which proved successful in Excellence Initiative I (2007) of the federal and state governments. Institutional Strategy I is particularly concerned with dialogue across traditional disciplinary boundaries and the development of new forms of cooperation across fields of expertise.

Institutional Strategy I (2007)


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Centre for Social Investment (CSI) (Archive)

Incubator for Social Commitment

Csi 250x125The Centre for Social Investment (CSI) is a central scientific institution of Heidelberg University that is operated with the cooperation of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Theology. It sees itself as an interdisciplinary research, educational, advisory and information centre that aims at increasing the performance of non-profit-organisations and foundations, and at promoting the idea of foundations and working for the public benefit. A new and recently staffed professorship for law that was created with Excellence funding and is operated jointly by the CSI and the Faculty of Law marks an even closer networking of these two institutions.

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