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About Us

Reinigungsmittel EimerThe Concierge-Service simplifies the daily routine of members of Heidelberg University by organizing and coordinating your domestic duties. You can safe time by delegating time-consuming obligations, such as searching for and arranging appointments with the mechanic or cleaning services.




Kleiderb _gelThe Concierge-Service is open for all university members (scientific and non-scientific), as well as for members of affiliated institutions which cooperate with the Service. By cooperating with the Concierge-Service, the university and the institutions promote equal opportunities and the reconciliation of work and family life of their researchers.




Lebensmittel Im Einkaufswagen The Concierge-Service is integrated in and complements the portfolio of services offered by the Dual Career Service, the Service for Families and the Welcome Center at Heidelberg University. We also cooperate with the Bündnis für Familie Heidelberg.




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