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New Design and News From the Network

A new look for a new decade: the 16th edition of the Research Alumni Newsletter is the first to showcase a new design. The Research Alumni Network of Heidelberg University was launched nearly ten years ago within the framework of the cooperative ‘International Research Marketing’ project funded by the Federal Ministry of Research and Technology, which specified the layout to be used for all external communications in the start-up phase. Heidelberg University submitted successful proposals for the project three times in a row and displayed the sponsors’ logos in the public relations activities of the Research Alumni Network. Funding through the cooperative project ended in 2019, which means that now is the perfect time for a redesign of the website and this newsletter.

The network has chosen a key visual inspired by Heidelberg University’s corporate design that reflects its international connections as well as its ties to the University. This new trademark of the Research Alumni Network will now be used on our websites, in HAInet and in all future publications and materials relating to research alumni. The home page of the newsletter has also been revised and updated.

A new design signals change, and so we are taking this opportunity to expand the network’s original target group: in addition to current and former international visiting researchers at Heidelberg University, the network would like to offer membership to German researchers working abroad who studied, earned their doctorate or worked at Heidelberg University in the past. Heidelberg Alumni International looks forward to taking the Research Alumni Network into a successful future with members old and new!

News from the network

Alumni and members of the Research Alumni Network can now use this newsletter to share information on their research. The ‘News from the network’ section gives them the opportunity to present exciting, interesting or extraordinary projects which they have carried out together or in cooperation with Heidelberg colleagues. By the same token, German researchers abroad who have a background in Heidelberg can introduce the research alumni of Heidelberg University to their scientific work.

Catch all the latest news from the network, get the word out about your projects and find new contacts or cooperation partners for your research!

The first scientists to write about their work in this edition are Prof. Pedja Kovačević and Dr Berk Aykut. Pedja Kovačević of the University Clinical Center of Republika Srpska (UCCRS) in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) shares the story of the first medical intensive care unit in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was established in cooperation with Heidelberg University. Berk Aykut from the New York University Langone Medical Center in New York (US) explains an until now unknown correlation between intestinal bacteria and funghi and the development of pancreatic cancer.


Report Pedja Kovačević

Report Berk Aykut

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