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The IBF organizes several seminars throughout the year. The topics, lecturers and venues can be found here.

Currently, following seminars are planned:

Date Topic Referent





Animal welfare aspects of in vivo-imaging

Dr. Christoph Körber, Institute for Anatomy
and Cell Biology, Heidelberg University

INF 328 Seminar room 19







There is no registration necessary!

According to §3 TierSchVerV, persons taking care of laboratory animals and/or perform animal experiments have to attend regular further training. The regional council Karlsruhe accepts further field-related training of one hour (minimum) per annum as adequate.

The laboratory animal seminars of the IBF are accepted as further training.

Participating at the seminars has no fee. If you want a participation proof there might be a fee of 10 € according to speaker fees. The IBF tries to provide at least on to two seminars per year that have no participation proof fee.

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