Living in Heidelberg

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Heidelberg – the name stands for the world-famous castle, the picturesque Old Town with all its charm, the inviting landscape between the Odenwald and the Rhine Valley, and for Germany’s oldest university and an internationally known centre of science and research. The following pages provide information for students, employees, visiting researchers and visitors on the various aspects of life in Heidelberg.

Entry & Visa

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If you’re planning a stay in Germany, you first need to take care of several entry formalities and, if necessary, obtain a visa. With the right pointers and tips, it’s much easier to accomplish than you might think. [More ...]

Living & Accommodation

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Heidelberg is a much-coveted and sought-after place to live, so the demand for rooms and apartments is high. Housing agencies and postings help in the search for appropriate accommodation in the city on the Neckar. [More ...]

Employment & Social Services

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The university is one of the largest and most important employers in the Rhine-Neckar region. It offers everyone, from students to visiting scholars and scientists, a broad range of possibilities in teaching, research, continuing education, and administration. [More ...]

Food & Drink

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Heidelberg’s gastronomy is widely known and loved. From breakfast in a cosy bistro, lunch and dinner in every kind of restaurant imaginable, to evenings in a pub or club, hardly a culinary wish goes unfulfilled. [More ...]

Culture & Events

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Heidelberg and the Rhine-Neckar region shine with a rich and attractive cultural scene that covers every sphere and institution, where both cabaret artists and internationally acclaimed stars are at home. [More ...]

Sports & Leisure

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The scenic landscape between the Odenwald and the Upper Rhine Graben has been the subject of praise by poets for centuries, but the area offers many more interesting leisure activities besides the famous stroll on the Philosopher’s Path. [More ...]

Orientation & Transportation

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Whether you prefer to get around by bike, bus, train or your own car, Heidelberg’s transportation infrastructure is excellent. Thanks to several nearby major airports, the metropolitan area is easy to reach from anywhere in the world. [More ...]

Medicine & Accessibility

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People from all over the world come to Heidelberg’s famous university hospitals for treatment. The excellent medical care reflects the very latest state of research and benefits all the region’s inhabitants. [More ...]

Family & Childcare

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The university and the other renowned research institutions as well as the city of Heidelberg support families with children and offer a wide variety of childcare options suited to every need. [More ...]

Women & Equal Opportunities

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In its mission statement, Ruperto Carola expressly commits itself to diversity and the equality of all its members – equal opportunities, the advancement of women, and balance between work and family life are not just empty words here. [More ...]

Taxes & Insurance

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Even Germany’s complex tax laws can be mastered with the right information and assistance from competent contacts. The same is true for social safeguards thanks to a comprehensive range of insurances. [More ...]

Telecommunication & Media

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Germany enjoys a liberal, modern and diverse media landscape. There is a fee required by law for all devices and apparatuses to receive radio or television signals. [More ...]

Retail & Services

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The Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region and the city of Heidelberg offer the full panoply of stores, shops and services that make life generally easier and more pleasant. [More ...]

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