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Family-Friendly University: Ideas and Suggestions

We want your input!

Mutter mit KindWe welcome ideas for both big and small changes to promote family-friendly work and academic conditions. What do you think are the ideal conditions for study/work and life balance at the university? Whether it’s child education, caring for family members or living as a couple – what services would help you, what services could the university add to existing ones?

Give your ideas free reign and don’t worry about how to make them a reality – we want to know them all. Please send your suggestions via e-mail to the Equal Opportunities Office,


Possible topics:

  • Part-time study, work from home, or cutting work hours
  • Balancing family and career while working full-time
  • Contact with the university during parental leave or while family members are in care
  • Organising the work day around children or family members needing care
  • Supporting children or the elderly while at work
  • Support options for family emergencies
  • Regular support services
  • Equipment in the cafeteria, library and university facilities
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