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The university newspaper for members, alumni and friends of the Ruperto Carola, as well as for the interested public: five issues of the Unispiegel (“university mirror”) are published every year, bringing you news on scientific research, university studies, and campus life.

Current issue

The funding for Collaborative Research Centres, the Lautenschläger Research Prize and the new Director of the Heidelberg Center for American Studies, Welf Werner, are the topics of this issue.
PDF, 3 MB (Ger)

2018 issues

The Excellence Strategy of Heidelberg University, the Master of Education and the learning location University Library are the topics of this special edition of Unispiegel. PDF, 5 MB (Ger)

Heidelberg University's leading position in third-party funding, the building of an innovation campus and the maturation of blood vessels are among the topics of this issue. PDF, 7 MB (Ger)

2017 issues

Collaborative Research Centers and the Graduate Education are also topics in this issue, as the Excellence Strategy of the German federal and state governments. PDF, 1.5 MB

The entrance to higher education and the view beyond the horizon are topics of this issue. PDF, 5 MB

Medical Informatics for Better Therapies in Heidelberg und Mannheim, new Collaborative Research Centres and the continuation of a Research Training Group on diabetes are topics of this issue.
PDF, 2 MB (Ger)
Laying of the Foundation Stone for the Centre for Asian and Transcultural Studies (CATS), the Leibniz Prize 2017 for Joachim P. Spatz, and the energy transition at Heidelberg University are topics of this issue.
PDF, 4 MB (Ger)

2016 issues

Heidelberg University Publishing (heiUP), a new ERC-Grants, a new Collaborative Research Centre and a new Research Training Group are topics of this issue.
PDF, 3,5 MB (Ger)
The success of Heidelberg University in international rankings, the enceclopedia Wikipedia, the Heidelberg School of Education and the writer Saša Stanišić are topics of this issue.
PDF, 5 MB (Ger)
Successfull research funding at the University of Heidelberg, new and extended collaborative research centers as well as the inauguration of the Marsilius Arcades are topics of this issue. PDF, 2,8 MB (Ger)
The opening of the Mathematikon as a new domicile of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, the contact between the generations and the great helpfulness for refugees are topics in this issue. PDF, 1,3 MB (Ger)
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