Heidelberg Transdisciplinary Network of Media Analysis

The Heidelberg Transdisciplinary Network for Media Analysis is a network of interested scholars and students, who do research on media and culture at the University of Heidelberg.

Evolving from a century-old tradition of researching newspapers and newspaper content, the study of media, communication and culture encompasses today a refined, diverse and wide field, ranging from historical newspaper analysis to the configuration of the public sphere in Web 2.0, or addressing questions of cultural change. Out of this tradition of studying media, media products, and media contents everywhere in the world research centers on communication, media and culture have emerged. At the moment, this or something comparable does not exist in Heidelberg. This network, as a trans- and interdisciplinary platform, wants to - if not fill, but - address this gap.

Reflection of methods stands at the center of interest, achieved through thematic lecture series and interdisciplinary discussion. Beyond the academic focus, the network wants to encourage dialogue between research and practice, by also inviting media representatives to lectures and panel discussions. Scholars and students of all disciplines and levels, whose studies or research deals with media, media products, or media contents, are welcome to join.

Program and Information:

Contact: Dr. Giulia Pelillo (Romanisches Seminar and Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies)

Anna Sawerthal, M.A. (Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context”)

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