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Selected FRP7 Funding Instruments

Collaborative Projects (CP)

Object-driven and result-oriented research

Funding is provided for research projects being done by consortia with participants from different countries aimed at developing new knowledge, new technologies, products or processes. The scope, subject and internal organisation of the projects can vary based on the areas eligible for funding and thematic focus. The size of the respective projects and their internal organisation depend on the given field and the requirements of the object of research and can range from relatively small research projects to very large integrated project consortia. Projects can be aimed at specific target groups such as SMUs and other smaller stakeholders. Collaborative projects are a combination of the integrated projects (IPs) and specific targeted research projects (STREPs) of the Sixth Framework Programme. Most of the programmes differentiate between small or medium-scale focused research projects (with 5-9 partners, 2-3 years in duration and a budget of 1-4 million euros) and large-scale integrating projects (with 8-15 partners, 2-3 years in duration and a budget of 4-12 million euros).


Networks of Excellence (NoE)

For structuring and integrating the fabric of research

Funding is provided for a common work programme by multiple research facilities that are integrating their activities in a specific research area within the structure of a long-term cooperation. Implementing the shared work programme requires a formal obligation on the part of the facilities integrating a portion of their resources and activities. The goal is to create a virtual centre of excellence in which the project partners can systematically combine, share and utilise their competencies and research efforts.  Networks of Excellence are a continuation of the analogous form of project from the Sixth Frame Programme (with 8-12 partners, 4-5 years in duration and a budget of 3-10 million euros).


Coordination / Support Actions (CSA)

This funding is for actions that coordinate or support research activities and strategies (networking, exchange, cross-border access to research infrastructures, studies, conferences, etc.).  It combines two funding forms of the Sixth Framework Programme, the Coordination Action (CA) and the Specific Support Action (SSA) (with 1-8 partners, one-half to 3 years in duration and a budget of 0.5-1.5 million euros).

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