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Heidelberg Centre for Digital Humanities (HCDH)

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Birgit Kellner (Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context“)

Funding line: Core facilities

Digitisation and the application of methods from the computing sciences promise lasting changes in the humanities. Research in the new and dynmic field of digital humanities is spread across several faculties and centres of the University of Heidelberg, including nearly all member institutions of Field of Focus 3.

Given that a critical mass has already been reached, the next goal establishment of a Heidelberg Centre for Digital Humanities (HCDH) with several attached research groups. As a core facility, the HCDH is to connect existing initiatives in computing sciences and related fields with their counterparts in the humanities, and to link them with the University Computing Centre and the University Library, two central facilities of the university that actively work towards the establishment of a digital humanities infrastructure.

As a first step, a new Junior Research Group will be established with financial support of FoF3, the Cluster of Excellence “Asien und Europa im Globalen Kontext” and the interdisciplinary Institute for Scientific Computing. Adding innovative research impulses to the existing environment, this group will push the establishment of the HCDH forward, together with other actors in the field that are, since 2012, linked within the network “Methods and Applications in Digital Humanities Heidelberg”.

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