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Human Brain Project Presents New Technology Platforms

Press Release No. 36/2016
24 March 2016
The platform release on 30 March 2016 will include a press conference

The Human Brain Project (HBP) is about to release prototypes of its six new technology platforms, thereby making the first components, services and tools available to the scientific community. The platforms are being released with the aim of enabling non-HBP consortium researchers to access the platforms via a central web portal. At the same time, Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Meier explains, the new technological facilities with their pioneering hardware and software, databases and programming interfaces, will be further developed into a dynamic research infrastructure. In fact, he adds, this will also happen with input from the users. A researcher in physics at Heidelberg University, Prof. Meier is one of the two leaders of the Neuromorphic Computing Platform and closely connected with the development work.

The platform release on 30 March 2016 will include a press conference in Geneva (Switzerland) that will be broadcast by live streaming. Those wishing to follow the press conference at Heidelberg University can do so via a video broadcast at the Neuenheimer Feld campus. It will be broadcast in a seminar room having a big window overlooking the BrainScaleS system machine room. The neuromorphic computer system BrainScaleS was developed by Prof. Meier’s team at the Kirchhoff Institute for Physics, and is part of the Neuromorphic Computing Platform in the Human Brain Project.

The Human Brain Project was launched in 2013 and is a flagship initiative of the European Commission’s Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) scheme. The HBP aims to enable an integrated understanding of brain structures and functions by developing and using new information and communication technologies. The six technology platforms form the basis for large-scale collaboration by scientists, clinicians and engineers. The 10-year research programme is intended to work towards realising the overarching project goal – a simulation of the magnitude of the human brain. Over 800 scientists in 24 countries have been involved in developing the prototypes for the six HPB platforms.

Information on the press conference:
The six HBP platforms will be presented at the press conference on Wednesday, 30 March 2016, from 2 to 3.30pm at the Biotech Campus in Geneva. After the presentation, journalists can pose questions to the scientists. The HBP staff ( will make the necessary access data available for them to ask their questions via live streaming. Representatives of the media wishing to follow the video broadcast of the press conference at Heidelberg University are kindly asked to apply by email to Dr. Björn Kindler ( at the Kirchhoff Institute for Physics. They will also have an opportunity, while there, to view the BrainScaleS computer system. The number of places is limited.

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