Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe” Offers Summer School

Press Release No. 64/2012
15 March 2012
Young scholars discuss the dissemination of objects and images between cultures

The way images and objects spread across geographical and cultural boundaries is the subject of a summer school organised by Heidelberg University’s Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context” in late July. Advanced students and doctoral candidates from the humanities and social sciences will be given the opportunity to discuss topical research issues in this field with academics from Germany, Canada, India, and the United States. The deadline for applications to participate in the school is 15 April 2012.

The summer school is entitled “Seeing Matter(s): Visuality and Materiality” and will take place from 29 July to 4 August 2012 in Heidelberg, Germany. The programme encompasses lectures, seminars and workshops. In terms of content, the emphasis is on the role and impact of visual and material culture. Among the topics addressed at the school are the formation of material worlds, the portrayal of intimacy and the exposition of images and objects in exhibitions and performances. “We want to discuss how images and objects can be contemplated in a transcultural manner,” says Prof Dr. Christiane Brosius of the Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe”, “and what such a perspective means for cultural studies and art history.” Prof. Brosius will be organising the summer school in conjunction with Heidelberg sinologist Prof. Dr. Barbara Mittler and Prof. Dr. Sumathi Ramaswamy of Duke University (USA).

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