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Hengstberger Prize for outstanding young Heidelberg researchers

Press Release No. 237/2010
22 October 2010
Four awards – prize money to be used for symposia at the International Science Forum

Eight highly qualified young scientists of Heidelberg University are being honoured with this year’s Klaus-Georg und Sigrid Hengstberger Prize. Three teams were selected for the distinction, including Dr. Claudia Wagenknecht and Dr. Thomas Amthor (physics), Prof. Dr. Marc-André Weber, Dr. Erick Amarteifio and Dr. Armin Nagel (radiology and medical physics) and Dr. Rodney Ast and Dr. Patrick Sänger (papyrology). Another of the total of this year’s four prizes, each endowed with 12,500 euros, goes to Dr. Bernhard Höfle (geography). The prize monies are to be used for the recipients to hold symposia at the Internationales Wissenschaftsforum (IWH). The awards will be presented at Heidelberg University’s annual celebration on 23 October 2010.

The symposium planned by Dr. Claudia Wagenknecht and Dr. Thomas Amthor of the Institute of Physics is entitled “Pushing Frontiers in Quantum Information with Atoms and Photons”. The discussion will revolve around the realisation of totally secure worldwide data transmission using individual photons as information carriers and quantum memories based on Rydberg atoms. Scientists from internationally leading groups in nuclear and photon research will join together for the purpose of intensifying collaboration and examining the challenges to physics that global quantum communication poses.

Dr. Erick Amarteifio and Prof. Dr. Marc-André Weber from the Heidelberg University Radiology Clinic, together with physicist Dr. Armin Nagel from German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ), will present a symposium on “Innovative Modern Imaging of the Musculature – Engine of Translational Research in Muscular Diseases”. New diagnostic methods that can also visualise pathophysiological changes of the muscle will be covered. Experts from a variety of disciplines are being invited to join the event to plan forward-looking studies and fast clinical applications.

Dr. Rodney Ast and Dr. Patrick Sänger from the University of Heidelberg’s Institute of Papyrology will address “Minorities and Migration Phenomena”. The focus is on religious and ethnic minorities within the national fabric and the circumstances surrounding their migration. The symposium is designed to bring together researchers in order to facilitate a comparative view of their individual results of study, based on written source material, of ancient to modern-day societies.

Dr, Bernhard Höfle from the Institute of Geography is preparing a symposium entitled “Towards Digital Earth – 3D Spatial Data Infrastructures”. Its focus is 3D computer-based geodata, with a view towards a “digital earth”. The symposium, which will host international participants, is intended to provide important impetus to formulating the central questions of research toward the development of an infrastructure for 3D geodata.

“The award of the Hengstberger prizes is intended to recognize these young researchers for their creative ideas and the scientific competence”, says Dr. Klaus-Georg Hengstberger, who endowed four awards for 2010. The total amount of the prize is 50,000 euros. The Internationales Wissenschaftsforum will award the prize again in 2011.

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