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Alumni Very Satisfied with Education at Universität Heidelberg

Press Release No. 189/2010
17 August 2010
Universität Heidelberg releases results from first graduate survey

Nearly two-thirds (63%) of the 2007 graduates from Heidelberg University indicate that they are very satisfied or satisfied with their education. Students who graduated in the 2006/2007 winter semester or 2007 summer semester were targeted for this first survey, conducted in cooperation with the International Center for University Research (INCHER) in Kassel, and the results have now been released.

The data indicates that Heidelberg University provides solid career preparation. The Heidelberg alumni overwhelmingly reported finding employment commensurate with their level of education. Satisfaction with their career is equally high. A relatively large percentage of graduates begin their doctoral studies after graduation, which is essentially consistent with the self-ascribed research-oriented nature of a Heidelberg education.   The numbers also provide an initial assessment of the bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes. In many ways, the results were considerably better than expected. Seventy-two percent of the master’s graduates and sixty percent of the bachelor’s graduates are either very satisfied or satisfied with their education in retrospect. The international mobility of Heidelberg graduates is also higher than average.

The survey of 2007 graduates also revealed opportunities for improvement in various areas – in most cases regardless of degree. More work is needed in developing the core competencies and employability of students, e.g. through increased cooperation with professionals in the various fields. Advising and support, with respect to e.g. review of assignments and exams, are also in need of improvement. Testing modalities in programmes with state examinations need enhancement to reduce delays in the curriculum if tests are failed. Graduates also cite gaps in the teacher training programme, especially with respect to honing interpersonal and communication skills.

The Heidelberg survey of 2007 graduates was made available online or by mail at the end of 2008 to those graduates who completed their degree one to one and half years before. The International Center for University Research (INCHER) in Kassel helped design and conduct the survey. The centre at Kassel University is also conducting the scientific monitoring. In future, former students from Heidelberg University will regularly be given the opportunity to evaluate their education. Ultimately the alumni surveys are intended to shed light on areas for improvement. The next survey will begin in the fall of 2010.

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