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Australian Mathematician Engaged in Research at Heidelberg University

Press Release No. 184/2010
5 August 2010
Dr. Michael George Cowling receives Senior Research Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
Prof. Dr. Michael George Cowling
Prof. Dr. Michael George Cowling

The Australian mathematician Prof. Dr. Michael George Cowling has received a research award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation to pursue research interests at Heidelberg University. He is working with Prof. Dr. Michael Leinert at the Institute of Applied Mathematics on issues related to analysis. He recently completed the first stage of his research stay in Heidelberg and will return to the university in 2011.

Michael George Cowling was born in Melbourne in 1949 and is the present holder of the Mason Chair at the University of Birmingham (UK), where he is on leave from his home institution, the University of New South Wales in Sydney (Australia). Professor Cowling is a leading authority in the fields of abstract harmonic analysis and the geometry of Lie groups. In 1993 he was elected to the Australian Academy of Science. He is on the editorial board of the Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society and is the recipient of multiple research prizes.

The research award of the Alexander von Humboldt foundation is conferred on top scholars and scientists from abroad whose discoveries, insights or new theories have had a significant impact on their respective disciplines and who are expected to continue to produce cutting-edge achievements in future. Recipients of the award are invited to conduct self-selected research ventures in Germany in collaboration with colleagues at German universities/research institutions for a total period of up to one year.

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