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Press Release No. 151/2010
7 July 2010
Supplementary interdisciplinary programme to start in 2010/2011 winter term

Heidelberg University is establishing a new programme to begin in the 2010/2011 winter term designed to introduce undergraduates and doctoral students to interdisciplinary basic research. This course of study was initiated by Heidelberg students and will be run by the university’s Marsilius Kolleg. The programme helps upcoming scholars and scientists to gain experience in other academic cultures and tie them in with the theories and methods used in their own disciplines. After successful completion of the supplementary course, students will be awarded the Marsilius Certificate for Interdisciplinary Studies.

A central component of the new programme are so-called “bridge seminars” conducted by at least two representatives of different academic cultures. The ongoing research projects conducted at the Marsilius Kolleg – such as the Human Dignity Project – provide a sound academic basis for classes introducing students to the methodologies and instruments available for interdisciplinary cooperation. The course also features a cross-disciplinary colloquium at which students can discuss their final theses.

The classes that make up the Marsilius Studies programme will begin in the coming winter semester. Attendance can be credited to the students’ records in their own field of study as determined by the individual faculties. The Marsilius Kolleg will also be issuing recommendations in this regard. All undergraduates and doctoral students in Heidelberg are welcome to participate in the programme, regardless of whether they plan to earn the final certificate. For more information, go to

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