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Twice as Many School-Leavers: More Study Places at the Universität Heidelberg

Press Release No. 152/2010
8 July 2010
12 new professorships established – Teaching and research structure enhanced

Heidelberg University is increasing the number of study places and has set up 12 new professorships in preparation for 2012 onslaught of applicants, when there will be twice as many school-leavers due to the shortening of the secondary education term by one year. These measures will benefit both highly popular and more narrowly attended courses in the sciences, the social sciences and the humanities, among them computational linguistics, sinology, law and physics. There will also be a new B.A. Programme in American Studies starting up in the 2010/2011 winter term. At the same time, the university is extending its counselling and information services for potential students.

To foot the bill for these ventures, Heidelberg University is drawing on resources provided by the State of Baden-Württemberg in the framework of its “Higher Education 2012” expansion programme. Funds from this source have financed the establishment of 12 new professorships since 2007. Now the university has applied for five more professorships as of the 2011/2012 winter term. Over and above the creation of new study places, these measures are designed to strengthen the overall teaching and research structure of the University. Among the programs increasing their capacity are biology, Christianity and culture, geography, molecular biotechnology, East Asian studies and political science

In Baden-Württemberg the shortening of secondary education term will mean that twice the normal number of school-leavers will be taking their final exams in 2012. To satisfy the increased demand for study places, the universities in the state will receive a total of 680 million euros from the “Higher Education Pact 2020” agreed on by the Federal and State Governments. Of that sum 485 million euros will come from the “Higher Education 2012” programme. For more information on studying at Heidelberg University, go to .

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