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Thomas Rausch New Vice Rector for Research and Structure

Press Release No. 138/2010
23 June 2010
Thomas Pfeiffer remains in charge of international relations
Prof. Dr. Thomas Rausch
Vice Rector for Research and Structure: Prof. Dr. Thomas Rausch
Prof. Dr. Thomas Pfeiffer
Vice Rector of International Relations: Prof. Dr. Thomas Pfeiffer

The Senate of Heidelberg University elected a new Vice Rector for Research and Structure at its most recent assembly (22 June 2010). Prof. Dr. Thomas Rausch has been entrusted with this post. The Senate also re-elected Prof. Dr. Thomas Pfeiffer for a further term as Vice Rector of International Relations. Both appointments take effect as of 1 October 2010 for a period of three years. Confirmation from the University Council is pending.

Thomas Rausch (b. 1953) studied biology and chemistry at Goethe University Frankfurt, obtaining a doctorate in 1981 with a dissertation in the field of botany. He remained at the Botanical Institute to complete his postdoctoral work. In 1988/1989 he was at the University of California in Santa Cruz (USA) and then returned to Frankfurt to complete his Habilitation in 1991. From 1990 to 1993 he headed a research group at the Botanical Institute and in 1994 was appointed professor of molecular ecophysiology of plants at Heidelberg University. The biologist is a co-founder of the Heidelberg Institute for Plant Science within Heidelberg University’s Faculty of Biosciences. As Vice Rector for Research and Structure he succeeds physicist Prof. Dr. Kurt Roth.

Thomas Pfeiffer (b. 1961) studied law at Goethe University Frankfurt, where he received his doctorate in 1986 and completed his Habilitation in 1993. One year later he was appointed professor at Bielefeld University. At the same time Professor Pfeiffer acted as a judge at the regional appeal court in Hamm. Since March 2002 the jurist has been professor of private law, private international law, comparative law and international litigation at Heidelberg University’s Faculty of Law. Prof. Pfeiffer is director of the Institute of Foreign and International Private and Economic Law. Visiting professorships have taken him to Georgetown (USA) and Hong Kong. He has been a member of the Rectorate since 2007.


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