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“Asia and Europe” Cluster of Excellence: Summer School

Press Release No. 109/2010
20 May 2010
Young scholars discuss “Knowledge on the Move”

“Knowledge on the Move” is the theme of the 2010 Summer School organised by the “Asia and Europe in a Global Context” Cluster of Excellence. Between July 25 and 29 young scholars from all over the world will assemble at the Karl Jaspers Centre for Advanced Transcultural Studies to cast new light on the vast array of encounters between European and Asian knowledge since the early modern age.

“Global exchange of knowledge is by no means a purely modern, let alone postmodern phenomenon,” says Prof. Dr. Joachim Kurtz, the organiser of the Summer School. “Knowledge migration has played a central role in the evolution of knowledge cultures at all times and in all regions of the world.” Accordingly, one of the central issues addressed by the summer school will be the way in which knowledge has changed on its passage through the various regions, cultures and polities.

The programme of the summer school encompasses lectures, seminars and workshops. The list of international speakers includes Rivka Feldhay of the University of Tel Aviv (Israel), Dhruv Raina of the Jawaharlal Nehru University of New Delhi (India) and Hugh Shapiro of the University of Nevada (Reno, USA). A special feature is the course on “Digital Storytelling in the History of Science and Thought” that introduces new methods of presenting research and philosophy through digital narrative techniques such as podcasts and short films.

The 2010 Summer School is directed towards advanced and doctoral students working in the fields of the history of science and technology, art history, sociology, philosophy, anthropology and East, South and Southeast Asian studies. Last year, young scholars from the Netherlands, Portugal, China, the United States and other countries attended the event. The application deadline for this year’s Summer School of the “Asia and Europe” Cluster is 31 May 2010.

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