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International Summer School: 500 Students from 60 Countries Worldwide

Press Release No. 1/2009
14 07 2009
Language courses plus keynote programme on “Social Changes in Germany”
Over 500 students from 60 countries worldwide will be visiting Heidelberg University from 24 July to 20 August 2009. They are participating in the International Summer School on German language and culture. The keynote programme this year focuses on “Social Changes in Germany”. The classes on offer are angled at students and other people from abroad who want to learn German or improve their proficiency in the language. Heidelberg’s International Summer School, the biggest and one of the oldest in Germany, will be officially opened on Sunday, 26 July 2009.

The comprehensive language-course programme for all levels of proficiency is supplemented by a large variety of seminars, lectures, work groups and talks centring on literature, philosophy, history, current affairs and area studies. “Many of the participants are so enthusiastic about their first contact with Heidelberg University that they come back later as fully paid-up students,” emphasises Dr. H. Joachim Gerke, head of the Department of International Affairs and director of the Summer School.

A special continuing-education course designed for international German teachers and Germanists revolves around didactic and area-studies topics. Another key subject is the use of the media in teaching contexts. There is also a special course on German as a business language. Lectures by Heidelberg academics, excursions, cultural events and social get-togethers round off the programme of the Summer School.

Among the participants at the International Summer School are grant-holders from Heidelberg’s partner universities Cambridge, Cracow, Budapest, Prague, St. Petersburg, Jerusalem, Salamanca and New Delhi, as well as 121 students who have received a grant from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). For more information on the Internet go to

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