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9 07 2009
Outstanding showing by Heidelberg University Library in the renowned German Library Index (BIX)
Outstanding showing by Heidelberg University Library in the renowned German Library Index (BIX)  
Heidelberg University Library is one of the best academic libraries in Germany. The renowned German Library Index (BIX) has accorded Heidelberg’s university library an outstanding 2nd place for the second year running. BIX assesses and compares libraries in Germany with respect to offerings, usage, efficiency and development potential. As in the year before, Heidelberg University Library once again came out on top of the list in the usage category. In 2008 it dealt with over 1.7 million loans and catered for more than 2 million users.

“Without any doubt the University Library is the central learning location at Heidelberg University,” said chief librarian Dr. Veit Probst. “At peak times the 500 reading places are fully occupied well before noon.” The library is also supremely well equipped in terms of electronic media. “We have been able to further improve our offerings,” Dr. Probst reports. “Our online catalogue HEIDI, devised by our outstanding IT department, is second to none in Germany thanks to its search speed, search-engine-based ranking and the ongoing optimisation and extension of its functionalities.” The Library also boasts three special subject collections funded by the German Research Foundation in the fields of Egyptology, European art history, classical archaeology and South Asia – “an important resource for front-line international research,” Dr. Probst added.

This year a total of 80 academic libraries, including 51 university libraries in two different size categories, submitted their data to the German Library Association (dbv) for the ranking. Participation is voluntary. The BIX index awards rankings and points in four categories. A detailed picture of the participating libraries is compiled from 17 individual indicators. All participants and the results can be found at

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