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Research Sojourn in Heidelberg for Renowned Art Historian from France

12 06 2009
Roland Recht receives Reimar Lüst Award for international scholarly and cultural exchange
Prof. Dr. Roland Recht, one of the most renowned art historians in France, is the recipient of this year’s Reimar Lüst Award for international scholarly and cultural exchange and will be coming to Heidelberg University for a research sojourn. This will enable him to strengthen his cooperative links with Prof. Dr. Raphael Rosenberg and Prof. Dr. Thomas Maissen of Heidelberg University’s Centre for European Historical and Cultural Studies. Rosenberg and Maissen proposed Roland Recht for the award, which is valued at 50,000 euros and is granted jointly by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the Fritz Thyssen Foundation.

Roland Recht is professor of medieval and modern European art history at the Collège de France in Paris. His research on comparative art historiography in Germany and France and his activities as long-standing director of Strasbourg’s museums have significantly encouraged and deepened scholarly exchange and cultural understanding between the two countries. His main research interests are Gothic architecture, the art monuments of the Upper Rhine area and the evolution of art historiography.

In Heidelberg Roland Recht will be working on three projects with art historian Raphael Rosenberg and historian Thomas Maissen. One of them centres on the comparative history of national concepts of epoch in art history, the second on gestalt theory, its influence on art history and its impact on art itself in the first half of the 20th century. The third project revolves around the history of the theory of colours in France and Germany in the 18th and 19th centuries. During his sojourn Prof. Recht will be drawing on Heidelberg University Library’s extensive art history holdings. Within the German university library system Heidelberg is a central repository for literature on this subject.

The Reimar Lüst Award is granted to outstanding humanities scholars and social scientists working outside Germany and is specifically designed as an expression of appreciation for their merits in fostering the cultural and academic relations between their country of origin and Germany. Two of these awards are granted every year. This year the second of them goes to the American political scientist Elinor Ostrom. The recipients are invited to Germany to meet colleagues and exchange ideas with them. The award is named after the former president of the Humboldt Foundation, Prof. Dr. Reimar Lüst.

Prof. Dr. Raphael Rosenberg

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