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A Party in Darwin’s Garden

3 06 2009
Summer garden party at Heidelberg University’s Botanical Gardens — Everyone welcome — Opening of exhibition “Darwin’s Garden: Discovering Evolution”
The annual summer garden party at Heidelberg University’s Botanical Gardens will be taking place this year on Sunday, 7 June from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Alongside guided tours (the orchid collections, etc.) there will be information stands and a large-scale plant market, this time with an especially wide array of cactuses. Needless to say, refreshments and more substantial sustenance will also be available.

The event is part of the Botanical Gardens Week organised every year by the Association of Botanical Gardens. As an all-time first in honour of Darwin Year 2009 the association will be presenting a joint exhibition entitled “Darwin’s Garden: Discovering Evolution” opening simultaneously on 7 June at 35 botanical gardens, including the Heidelberg location.

Dr. Andreas Franzke, custodian of the Heidelberg Botanical Gardens, had a hand in devising the exhibition. “Only when I was working on my contribution to this exhibition did I realise just how broad the range of botanical subjects was that Darwin worked on,” Franzke reports. “A notable experience both for myself and my colleagues was the engagement with Darwin’s original writings, all of them now accessible online.”

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