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Excellent Research Reputation: Heidelberg University Front Runner in CHE Ranking

Press Release No. 2/2009
6 05 2009
Nationwide leader in the sciences — Outstanding showing by the Medical Faculty of Heidelberg University at Mannheim
In the newly published higher-education ranking by the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) Heidelberg University has achieved the best results for research reputation in the sciences anywhere in Germany. It figures in the group of top universities for biology, chemistry and physics. In terms of research reputation, mathematics and geography are also up among the leaders. In the subjects biology, geography and geography for prospective teachers the University was given outstanding scores by its students in the category “overall study situation”. This year was the first in which sport science was included in the CHE ranking. Here the Heidelberg Institute was too small to qualify for an overall assessment, but in the categories research reputation and teaching reputation it figured in the leading group.

The two Medical Faculties of Heidelberg (one of them at Mannheim) were also successful in the CHE ranking. Student evaluation of the Medical Faculty at Mannheim with its new model course in human medicine (“marecum”) put it up among the leaders nationwide. The Mannheim Faculty was given outstanding scores in four categories: research reputation, number of beds, student supervision and study situation. The Heidelberg Medical Faculty made an excellent showing in the categories research reputation and study situation.

The CHE higher-education ranking looks at individual subjects and divides universities into top, middle and bottom groups. The study encompasses 31 subjects in all and evaluates some 300 universities and universities of applied sciences in Germany, plus selected universities in Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Each year about one-third of the overall range of subjects is re-evaluated. This year this was the case for biology, chemistry, earth sciences, geography, mathematics, computer science and pharmacy, plus the medical sciences and sport science.

All results, elucidations of the methods employed and other information can be found on the internet at or

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